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Educational Travel Programs

Our customized travel programs promote cross-cultural exchanges where participants of all ages, learning styles and backgrounds grow and thrive, where doors are opened to new and exciting learning opportunities, globalized networking and long-lasting friendships are built.

Our travel programs are designed, constructed and implemented for a broad spectrum of individuals, families, school groups, professional associations, lifelong learners and explorers. We pride ourselves on our first-rate, international reputation, one that we’ve worked hard to earn together with experienced instructors, strategic partners and community resources.

Together, we share a passion for optimizing your experiences through a solid commitment to fostering excellence, inspired intercultural and globalized appreciation.

Our programs are offered in a wide variety of subjects and disciplines ranging from cultural immersion, English as a Second Language, history and heritage studies, culinary appreciation, and much, much more!

Our services focus on imagination, innovation, listening, planning and coordinating your adventures! This includes working with a program coordinator, customizing your itinerary, greeting you at the airport, securing accommodations, ground transportation, meals, a welcoming ceremony, experiential field experiences, excellent, caring instructors and community resources, engaging lectures and presentations, and a closing celebration when your adventure concludes -all, enriching, transformational and unforgettable!

Workforce and Skills-Enhancement Training

In an ever-changing, dynamic and demanding world economy it has become more necessary that ever to maintain optimum skills applicable to the workplace. Training plays a vital role in strengthening a productive workforce. Changing laws and regulations often necessitate the need for retraining staff and associates to meet new legal requirements. Our trainers and facilitators helps individuals and organizations manage development, transformation and change. Whether it be procedures, techniques, enrichment and people, members of the workforce require training to effect changes. We're here to help individuals in confidence or entire staff. Our job is to help you stay competitive!

Customized Tutorials and Online Programs

We are accustomed to being creative, imaginative with excellence in mind. We welcome requests and ideas to help tailor educational experiences with you and your needs front and center.

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